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Dubai is a city of grandeur where most people live life king-size and drive flashy sports cars that grab attention. You can now slip behind the wheel of a vehicle whose brand speaks for itself, such as Ferrari or Bentley, and revel in the present-day innovations that have allowed these cars to remain iconic throughout the years. When you rent an exotic car in Dubai from us, you get top-class vehicles that demand respect and admiration. Royalrentdubai.com

Yacht Rental Dubai
A private yacht rental is the ideal way to discover Dubai's awe-inspiring treasures, including its impressive skyline and coastline. From canal cruises through the heart of the Emirates to long-distance adventures from Sir Bani Yas, Royal Yachts is one of Dubai's leading yacht charter companies, offering an affordable alternative to private yacht charters and party boat charters. A luxury yacht charter allows you to enjoy the vast waters of the Arabian Sea on board a multi-million dirham motorboat at the best price.


Enjoy New year on the Mega Yacht

We offer the best New Years Eve experience in Dubai



Sports cars have always been a symbol of technological progress and had lots of admirers. Each epoch is marked by birth of a new model by brilliant engineers and only in Dubai you can touch these unique technical creations at an affordable price.



SUV excellence is based on comfort, spaciousness, roominess, power and off-road capability. These are cars that will easily bail you out of any difficulty. They are not afraid of either sand or dirt.



A sedan car in Dubai is the optimal solution for a quiet movement around the city, given its comfort, economy, and reasonable price. The sedan is the most widespread type of body in Dubai

You will be driving. We'll be taking care of the rest.

Our mission is to provide the best luxury car rentals and services solutions, with a focus on exclusivity for your holiday or business experience. We combine our own knowledge and experience with a large array of custom-made luxury car rental options to make the perfect match for each client.

We aim to deliver an affordable service that meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations, and we are not satisfied unless the customer is satisfied. Hire your luxury car with us to be on the right track!