For Individuals

  • How many people can a yacht accommodate in Dubai?

    Elite Rental provides different types of yachts for clients according to their requirements. However, a typical Yacht Rental Dubai can accommodate almost 10 to 15 members.

  • What makes our prices premium compared to others?

    Elite Rental offers an exclusive category A yacht (also referred to as diamond yacht) that promises the highest quality standards, luxury, and sophistication. We adopt a highly professional approach to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and providing the finest yacht experiences. The quality, experience, and prestige we offer are simply matchless.

  • How do I book a yacht rental in Dubai?

    Booking a Dubai Yacht Rental is easy and involves a simple process. You can contact Elite Rental customer support via website or whatsapp to share your requirements and request a customized package. After you approve the package, our team will help you through the booking procedure.

  • What activities can I do during a yacht rental in Dubai?

    You can enjoy different activities at Dubai Yacht Rental such as sailing along the shoreline, swimming in Dubai waters, sunbathing, outdoor dining, and fun water sports.

  • Are food and beverages included in the yacht rental package?

    Elite Rental’s customized yacht voyage packages include event planning and catering services. We can cater to your diverse requirements; whether you are looking to plan a premium dining event, enjoy gourmet cuisine with friends, or arrange a BBQ with family, we can do it.

  • Can I bring my own food and drinks on board?

    Yes, you can bring along your food and drinks and enjoy them during the stay. However, you can also order refreshments, lunch, or dinner through Elite Rental’s special catering services and enjoy hassle-free entertainment.

  • Is swimming allowed during the yacht rental?

    Yes, swimming is allowed during Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai. Elite Rentals provides safe water locations to clients to facilitate a seamless and enjoyable swimming experience. Moreover, we strictly follow all safety protocols for swimming which is a testament to our highest quality yacht services.

  • What is the cancellation policy for yacht rentals?

    Elite Rentals Dubai has a cancellation policy in place, which may vary depending on factors such as the timing of the cancellation and the terms agreed upon in the booking contract. The best approach is to inquire about the cancellation policy at the time of reservation.

  • Are pets allowed on board during a yacht rental?

    Elite Rentals Dubai has certain policies for carrying pets on yacht voyages. So, if you plan to bring your pets along, it is highly recommended to ask the management about the policies as it will help you enjoy a seamless yacht experience.

  • What should I wear during a yacht rental in Dubai?

    As the yacht rental in Dubai is a full-day trip, you must be dressed in comfy and proper attire. You may wear a lightweight and weather-appropriate dress, bring along your swimsuits, and kill the harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen. Hats and sunglasses can also make your day. And if you are planning your event in cooler months, you must carry a cardigan along.

For Companies

  • What are the requirements to become a partner with Elite Rentals Dubai?

    Companies interested in becoming partners with Elite Rentals Dubai can reach out to discuss the details and requirements of the partnership program. Typically, partners should have a reputable business presence and a client base that could benefit from luxury yacht rentals.

  • How are commissions paid to partners?

    Commissions earned by partners through the partnership program are paid promptly after each booking made through their referrals. Elite Rentals Dubai ensures transparency and timely payments to partners as per the terms of the partnership agreement.

  • Can companies customize yacht rental packages for their clients?

    Yes, companies partnering with Elite Rentals Dubai can customize yacht rental packages to suit the preferences and requirements of their clients. This includes options for catering, entertainment, and additional services tailored to the client's needs.

  • Is there a minimum quota of referrals required for partnership with Elite Rentals Dubai?

    Elite Rentals Dubai does not typically impose a minimum quota of referrals for partnership. However, companies are encouraged to actively promote the partnership and refer clients to maximize the benefits of the program.

  • What is the process for companies to refer clients to Elite Rentals Dubai?

    Companies can refer clients to Elite Rentals Dubai by providing them with the contact information or directing them to Elite Rentals Dubai's website. Once the client contacts Elite Rentals Dubai and makes a booking, the referring company will receive credit for the referral.

  • Does Elite Rentals Dubai offer training or resources for partners?

    Elite Rentals Dubai may offer training or resources to partners to familiarize partners with their services, processes, and the benefits of referring clients to Elite Rentals Dubai. This may include onboarding sessions, informational materials, and ongoing support to ensure that partners are equipped to effectively promote and facilitate bookings with confidence.

  • Can companies co-brand marketing materials with Elite Rentals Dubai?

    Yes, companies partnering with Elite Rentals Dubai may have the opportunity to co-brand marketing materials, subject to the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement. This allows partners to leverage Elite Rentals' branding to enhance their own marketing efforts.

  • Are there opportunities for exclusive promotions or discounts for partners?

    Elite Rentals Dubai may offer exclusive promotions or discounts to partners as part of special campaigns or incentives. These opportunities can further incentivize partners to refer clients and enhance the value proposition for their own clientele.

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