Fresh Off The Boat - Why You Should Opt For Sport fishing Charter In  Dubai

Fresh Off The Boat - Why You Should Opt For Sport fishing Charter In Dubai

Popularly known as the pearl of Middle East, Dubai makes it to the list of the

top holiday destinations in the world. Being one of the hotspots of UAE, there’s

definitely something magnetic about the region which draws you towards it and

you can’t help but be left in awe.

With architectural brilliance and pristine sandy beaches sparkling from miles

away, Dubai has a lot more in stock for you. From fine dining to aquatic

adventures and shopping malls, the destination is sure to surprise you at every

stop. Speaking of aquatic adventures, Dubai’s gulf waters has one of the most

diverse marine life ever. You could explore this via scuba diving or even plan

an exciting fishing trip which is easier too.

In fact, fishing is a skill not many people acquire. With trained professionals on-

board, you could learn it in a matter of hours. On this Dubai tour, pack your

packs, go on a sport fishing charter and make the most of your journey. Unlike

other fishing types, in sport fishing, you get to indulge in pure competition and

get pleasure from fishing, instead of doing it for profits.

Why Should You Opt For A Sport Fishing Charter In Dubai?

 Professional Assistance

The best thing about a sport fishing charter is that even if you’re a champ

at it, you’ve got yourself an entire crew to assist you wherever necessary.

This is particularly beneficial for those who haven’t done fishing before,

or those who want to learn new tricks.

 No Fishing Equipment Required

Another perk that comes with a sport fishing charter in Dubai is that you

do not need to bring your own fishing gear as all the necessary equipment

will be provided to you to catch that massive Mahi Mahi. All you’ve got

to do is sit back, relax, try out your fishing moves and have fun!

 New Experience and Relaxation

On a sport fishing charter, you get to see new species and the crew

members guide you along the new fishing territories which expands your

horizons. Besides that, it’s the perfect way to relax as you’ll get access to

amenities like air conditioned decks, food and others to escape reality for

a bit.

 Fishing with Views

Ever heard of fishing with views? That stands true in the case of Dubai.

Sport fishing can be an exhilarating experience especially if you’re doing

it in Dubai. Catching those new species with stunning and jaw dropping

views of Dubai’s high rises and amazing skyline, is a great adventure.

Whether you’re fishing in Dubai marina or any other place, you’ll be

witnessing the spectacular Burj Al Arab, Dubai Fountain and the hues of

the ever-lit up city’s high rises and shows.

What’s Included In The Sport Fishing Charter?

Typically, there is an array of amenities offered on a sport fishing charter in

Dubai. These differ from each rental agency. Some of the amenities includes are

as follows:

 Both trolling and bottom fishing options

 Tickle and bait included – Professional equipment provided

 Grilling options included – Catch them and grill them on-board

 Red carpet departure

 Fishing at prime spots of Dubai

 Complimentary snacks and beverages

 Safety equipment

Type Of Fishes To Expect Catching On A Sport Fishing Charter In Dubai

You can expect catching small, medium to big fishes out in the crystal, clear

and gorgeous waters of Dubai. The following are the names of some:

 Barracuda

 King Barracudas

 Grouper

 Kingfish

 Cobia

 Queenfish

 Trivially

 Emperor

 Catfish

 Small Barracuda

 Sea Bream

 Small Sharks

Summer time couldn’t get any better. Plan a trip with your family for a sport

fishing charter and get a chance to enjoy BBQ with your loved ones too. It’s

truly the best of both worlds. Moreover, the honourable mention has to be given

to Dubai’s magnificent high rises, brilliance in architecture, thrilling places,

speedy and luxurious boats along with the awe inspiring views of the city.

With so many amenities on-board, you can take a break from fishing, enjoy

your food or just relax in the air conditioned lower decks, making it an

unforgettable experience. Spending time with your loved ones in this unique

way which can help everyone learn how to do fishing, promotes healthy

competition and a much-needed motivational kick in your mood and body.

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