Dubai's Corporate Yacht Events

Dubai's Corporate Yacht Events

If you want to organize a boat party that will impress your visitors and create wonderful memories for years to come, let us show you how Elite Rental can make these plans extraordinary. We will assist you in any way and take care of everything, whether you have five or three hundred guests. Elite Rental will meet all of your needs, whether they are big or small—whether it's a follow, a photo, or any other kind of demand for your guests. In addition, we will choose the best caterers and servers from five-star hotels in Dubai for your guests' food and beverages so they may keep having fun. Meanwhile, The project ought to be even more incredible and noteworthy.

Many wealthy parties today hire yacht rental in Dubai to create unforgettable events. If you want your party to be truly remarkable, you must hire our services for a private yacht party in Dubai. should be utilized and enjoyed while having a great time on the boat. Selecting our service for your party will undoubtedly increase the grandeur and success of the event as well as the efforts of your guests. and will be grateful for your celebration,

Why Should Your Corporate Yacht Event Be Hosted by Elite Rental Dubai?

A flotilla of exquisite things

With a vast fleet of luxurious yacht rental in Dubai and a range of small- or large-group tours that feature intimate boats and themes for any occasion, Elite Rental Dubai offers something for everyone. In addition to a photographer to capture the moment, all the amenities and comforts of a luxurious boat are available to guarantee a comfortable stay.

Expert personnel

Any yacht's service satisfaction is greatly dependent on its staff's experience, as their expertise enhances every aspect of the vessel. The employees at Elite Rental Dubai guarantee the pleasure of Elite's clients by offering a professional experience. which guarantees everything from the start of your trip until its conclusion.

Tailored travel itinerary

Prepare your event so that it goes well and hire an elite rental to arrange a backup plan that includes everything you'll need to make your trip uncomplicated and enjoyable from beginning to end.

Improved service

Improve your catering to provide your visitors with an exceptional and unforgettable dining experience. With the help of some of Dubai's top caterers, Elite Rental Dubai can provide your guests with a wide range of box choices and goods.

Which of our yachts can help make your party unforgettable? Let me tell you.

With a maximum capacity of 25 people, the Elite Diamond Milano A62 yacht rental in Dubai is one of the boats we have to make the party unforgettable. The arrangement may be made on the yacht, and regarding cost, an hourly rate of 1,600 AED is available, while a full day rate of 10,500 AED is charged.

Additionally, you can reserve the premium Venice 80 Yacht for 30 guests or more. The unique feature is that a party for thirty people may be planned at any time of year in the middle of the sea. AED 2,500 is the cost for one hour, and AED 17,500 is the cost for the entire day.

Alternately, if you're expecting forty guests, you can choose between the Elite Predator Havana 95 Yacht and the Elite Diamond Sydney 95 Yacht. They can enjoy the celebration and be taken by it. For three thousand AED an hour, they cost twenty-one thousand AED a day.

Alternatively, if you're expecting fifty guests, you can charter the Elite Benetti Triple Deck 125 Yacht. They can enjoy the celebration and be taken by it. For eight thousand AED an hour, they cost eight thousand AED a day.

Additionally, if you plan to host more than 100 guests, you can rent our Elite Prestige 160 Yacht, which will allow you to have a party that more than 100 visitors can easily enjoy. For eight thousand AED an hour, they cost eight thousand AED a day.

Let's discuss our squad and what we're going to do to make this team-up celebration amazing.

Our five-star hotel chef will create sumptuous dishes for your guests as part of the extensive work our staff has done to make your party even more amazing. In order to make you guys comfortable while you party, our waters will serve you well, and our cleaners will maintain the yacht rental in Dubai in good condition. If not, our staff will maintain everything luxurious aboard the yacht.

In summary

Regarding Elite Rental Dubai, it is among the select few businesses in Dubai that are well-known for offering high-end, premium yachts of all kinds for rent. which it rents out to its customers. If you would like to get in touch with Elite Rental Dubai, you can do so by visiting their website at or by calling +971 50 42 58131 on WhatsApp. In addition, they offer a company email address, [email protected], which is helpful if you want to get in touch with them directly and you don't feel comfortable using the website or WhatsApp. And trust me, whether you use a website or WhatsApp to get in touch with ELITE RENTAL, After getting in touch with you, Elite Team will endeavor to meet your needs and answer as soon as possible. You need to exercise some patience. Upon receipt of your message, our team will promptly respond and make every effort to meet your needs.

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