Dubai Yacht Charter Rates

Dubai Yacht Charter Rates

Enjoy yourself with your loved ones if you are organizing a trip to Dubai to commemorate your holidays and explore the city.

If you've always wanted to take an opulent boat tour about Dubai, come revive yourself, take in the stunning views of the city and all of its water sports, and savor some food and beverages while taking in some tunes.

For your family or friends, yacht rental in Dubai offers custom-built boats that will make your voyage delightful and unforgettable, allowing you to explore Dubai like never before. A luxurious yacht can be rented in accordance with your wants and specifications.It is your greatest chance to rent a luxurious boat in Dubai for a reasonable sum of money.Our company offers a wide range of luxury yachts in sizes ranging from modest to extremely huge. The greatest yachts are available for rent in Dubai for an hour, a full day, or a week. Our organization also provides numerous simple booking alternatives and prompt service. Thus, reserve your ideal yacht right away and take pleasure in a tour of Dubai.

To make every day unique and unforgettable, we provide reasonably priced packages for yacht rentals and celebrations.

If you're searching to rent a yacht in Dubai for a reasonable price, yacht rental in Dubai offers you a variety of boats that can accommodate up to 100 guests in different sizes and colors.

There are several variables that affect a yacht's rental price, including the vessel's size, interior design, and number of passengers.

Cost of the Elite Diamond Madison A-48 boat

The price of the Elite Diamond Madison A-48 yacht is among the best, with high standards for luxury vessels. Dubai Boat Rental extends an invitation for you to experience something absolutely amazing at a reasonable cost. Our standard rate for renting the Elite Diamond Madison A-48 boat is 900 AED per hour, or 6000 AED for a full day. Our dedicated and professional crew members and staff will do everything in their power to make your holiday enjoyable and unforgettable. The well-maintained Elite Diamond Madison A-48 yacht has a sundeck, several rooms, and a bathroom.

Austin A-50 Elite Diamond Yacht

One of the most well-liked boats for yacht rental in Dubai to tour the city is the Elite Diamond Austin A-50 Yacht. Additionally, our organization provides a cost-effective rental service, with prices starting at 1100 AED for an hour and up to 7700 AED for a full day. Our yacht can accommodate between 14 and 16 people. This yacht was created especially for events and parties. Our expert craftsmanship looks after the yacht.

Yacht: Elite Diamond Milano A-62

The Elite Diamond Milano A-62 Yacht is specifically intended for entertaining with family and friends. Its spacious deck allows visitors to wander around securely and without causing any problems. The basic rate for a yacht rental in Dubai is 1600 AED per hour, and the full-day rate is 10500 AED. It can accommodate up to 25 people in total.

Superior Diamond Venice 80 Yacht

The newest famous vessel offered by Dubai Boat Rentals is the Elite Diamond Venice 80 Yacht. It has all the amenities of a five-star hotel. This ultra-luxurious vessel is ideal for your family's journey to explore the festivities in Dubai. Renting it out for an hour costs 2500 AED, while a full day package costs 17500 AED. It can accommodate up to 30 guests.

Yacht: Elite Diamond Tokiyo 105

The most exquisite yacht for a wedding, birthday celebration, or business vacation is the Elite Diamond Tokiyo 105 Yacht. A wonderful and appropriate trip may be had by celebrating on a yacht rental in Dubai that is arranged through Yacht Rental in Dubai while taking in the magnificent wonders of the Arabian Sea. This yacht can be rented for 3500 AED per hour in its basic version or for 25000 AED in its luxurious full-day package. Additionally, it can accommodate up to 50 passengers.

Yacht, Elite White Event 120

The exceptional quality level of the Elite White Event 120 Yacht strikes a nice mix between comfort and cost. With its lavish comforts and reasonable price, this boat is perfect for birthday celebrations and wedding ceremonies. It is renowned for both its welcoming staff and its design. Renting a boat in Dubai guarantees that your needs and maintenance standards are met with its cleanliness. ensuring that visitors have a good time. The standard fee to book it is 3500 AED for one hour and 24500 AED for a whole day. It can accommodate up to 120 people.

Superior Diamond Imperial 100 Yacht

The Elite Diamond Imperial 100 Yacht is particularly well-known for its leisure travel. We have our finest-quality boats accessible for yacht rentals in Dubai. We offer the most distinctive boat rental experience. One of the greatest yachts for ceremonies at small parties is this one. We have a lot to offer everyone. The basic booking price for a yacht rental in Dubai with one of its top-tier vessels starts at 4500 AED, and the full-day package is 31500 AED. It can accommodate up to 25 people at once to explore the city of Dubai.

In Dubai, pick from a large selection of yachts that range in size from luxurious to small and fast, and enjoy cruising with your loved ones. We also help you customize the yacht to meet your demands and offer you an incredibly spacious luxury boat experience in Dubai.

Therefore, Yacht Rental in Dubai is available to provide you with a budget-friendly, hassle-free, and pleasurable trip or tour at a reasonable price.

Dubai boat rentals are especially made with families in mind. The spacious deck and ample room enhance the enjoyment of your voyage. Our staff and catering are renowned for their warmth.

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