Dubai Boat Rental Packages for Travelers

Dubai Boat Rental Packages for Travelers

If you wish to discover Dubai while on your next holiday with family or friends, consider renting a luxury yacht with exclusive packages from Dubai. And have a fantastic visit to Dubai, which provides you with an opulent vacation that you can enjoy without any issues. Dubai is a truly lovely place that will make visiting more enjoyable.

That's why yacht rental in Dubai provides you a variety of special packages to make your tour amazing and one you will never forget, whether you're looking for a unique boat for rent package for touring Dubai City.

A company called Yacht Rental in Dubai offers a variety of yachts for rent for short stays to full day packages at varying prices. Specifically, it depends on your needs and requirements, such as the number of guests and the length of the rental period; you can rent a luxury yacht in Dubai for as long as you like. The size, model, length of the boat's rental, and a host of other extra services or amenities all affect the packages offered by various yacht rental companies in Dubai. Whether you are visiting Dubai on a business trip or just to see this dynamic city, renting a boat is the ideal way to family getaway, similar to anniversaries of a honeymoon. Our company, Dubai Yacht Rental, provides the most comprehensive packages so that visitors can enjoy their trip and discover the splendor of Dubai. You will discover a car that suits your needs exactly. If you would just like to unwind and enjoy the voyage in your ideal yacht, our staff also provides excellent chauffeur service.

The cost of renting an exotic yacht rental in Dubai will vary depending on the model, duration of the rental, extra services you desire, standard conditions, etc. Renting a boat in Dubai might be expensive if you want the best choice and special services. But the amazing experience makes it worthwhile.

In Dubai, a lot of businesses provide all-inclusive yacht packages. Usually, everything is included in these packages, including the location, catering, entertainment, and photography.

packages for a 35-foot observation vessel

There are plenty of yachts available for rent in Dubai thanks to yacht rental in Dubai. The ideal choice for an inexpensive holiday celebration with family or friends is a 25-foot sightseeing yacht. This yacht, which has one bathroom, one skipper, and two crew members, was created especially for family gatherings and functions. It can accommodate up to ten people. The beginning price for its standard booking package is 450 AED per hour, or 1800 AED for four hours. Our knowledgeable captain and crew will do everything in their power to ensure that your trip is delightful and filled with life-long memories.

Dubai Conwey 36-foot package

One of the greatest yachts for partying and celebrating holidays in a budget-friendly package is the Conwey 36-footer. The yacht is thirty-five feet long, and ten people can fit inside at once. It has one skipper and two crew members in addition to one bathroom. Additionally, each of these participants will provide you with superior care and make your tour unforgettable. The beginning price for its basic booking package is 450 AED per hour up to 1900 AED for a four-hour period.

The Oryx 36 Yacht Package

A luxurious Oryx 36 Yacht is available for hire in several colors from yacht rental in Dubai. If you want to take a budget-friendly package and enjoy the voyage in Dubai, you can choose to explore the city of Dubai by boat. One crew member, one captain, and one bedroom serve as the basis. Rent for it can be reserved for 550 AED each hour or 2100 AED for four hours. It can accommodate 12 people in total.

Magnificent 36-foot yacht

The greatest way to experience Dubai City with your family or friends is on a majestic 36-foot boat. The boat is 36 feet long and has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a captain along with one crew member. Starting at 550 AED per hour and 2100 AED for four hours is its basic plan. It can accommodate 12 people in total.

48-foot majestic

48-foot One of the greatest medium-sized yachts available for charter in Dubai is Majestic. You can rent it for a fair price and use it to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones or friends. Essentially, it is a 48-foot yacht that can accommodate up to 12 people at once. For this reason, the basic package's starting price is AED 700 per hour, or 2800 AED for four hours. The layout of this yacht consists of one captain, two crew members, and two bedrooms.

Conwy 42-foot yacht

If you intend to yacht rental in Dubai to spend your holidays or go sightseeing in Dubai with your loved ones. Conwy 42-foot yachts are therefore among the greatest choices for hiring them so you may enjoy the voyage on the sea and other water activities without any issues. It's renowned for its distinctive design as well. Conwy is based on a captain and two crew men sharing a bathroom and two beds. In essence, it starts at 700 AED per hour and ends after four hours at 2500 AED.

48-foot Majesty yacht

If you'd like to reserve a boat, Yacht Rental in Dubai has a ton of other packages available at a reasonable price that will enable you to live out your goals and have the greatest party in Dubai. If you are having a party or spending the holidays with loved ones on a 48-foot yacht that you are renting. It can accommodate 12 people in total. Starting at 700 AED per hour, the most basic booking package offered is 2700 AED for four hours.

50-foot luxury yacht

One of the carefully chosen boats available for boat rental in Dubai is the 50-foot luxury vessel. It is predicated on a captain, three crew men, a kitchen, a saloon, and two bedrooms. The hourly rate is 800 AED, and the four-hour rate is 3200 AED. It can accommodate fourteen people at once in its entirety.

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