Double The Fun: The Must-Have Water Toys On A Yacht Charter

Double The Fun: The Must-Have Water Toys On A Yacht Charter

The vibrant, entertaining, and the most luxurious thing to do – a yacht charter. If

you’re in Dubai, you must’ve been aware of the hype of Dubai’s most

ostentatious activity which is yachting. Popularly known to be reserved

exclusively for the uber-rich population of the region, it’s never a bad idea to

rent one instead of owning one.

A typical yacht charter would include a luxurious yacht (variable in size), with

professional captain and crew members who exhibit utmost hospitality, along

with an array of amenities including a spacious upper deck to check out the

stunning views and a lower deck to enjoy the luxurious suite.

Most yacht charters have gym equipment and Jacuzzis available too. But this is

the typical overview of a yacht charter which can be irresistible, but boring to

some. Therefore, in order to make it interesting, there’s a wide variety of

choices for you to have fun while yachting. Here’s a list of water toys that you

can take along to make the most of your voyage.

 Scuba Diving Gears

Explore Dubai’s biodiversity by taking a dive into the deep Arabian sea.

It’s the perfect time for you to show off your scuba diving skills and

discover the sea life, coral reefs and the exotic fishes. Turn your yachting

adventure into something more meaningful by getting insights into the

marine life of Dubai. The captain will be well versed with all the routes

and hence will take you to the best spots for taking the dip. Be sure to

keep your scuba gears!

 Water Inflatables

Luxurious yachts typically tend to have plenty of water toys and the

equipment available. However, in case that it doesn’t, you van always

carry your own. Be it a doughnut or a banana boat, spice things up on

your yachting trip and take things up a notch to make the most of it. Such

activities successfully boost your adrenaline levels which can lift up your

mood too.

 Water Scooter

Also known as a sea bob, you can carry this mini jet stream toy which

enables you to ride through the waves and have a great adventure. It

functions almost like a speed boat, but a lot smaller in size and it doesn’t

carry your entire weight. A water scooter pulls you on over the water

which produces an adrenaline kick in your body, making it an

unforgettable experience. Double the fun on your yacht charter by opting

for this activity, do carry it along or ensure that the rental agency provides


 Sea-Doo

Another cool water toy to have is a Sea Doo. Resembling a jet ski, it

powers you through the waves and is well suited for beginnings. It ticks

all the criteria for the avid thrill seekers, making the yachting experience

more fun and exhilarating for them. Don’t forget to try this one out! Best

yet, the trained professionals will be there on the yacht to guide you about

Sea Doo as well.

 Paddle board

Ever wanted to feel like a superhero in real life? That’s exactly how

you’ll feel when you’re on a paddle board surfing through the waves.

You’ll be gliding through the lush lagoons and illuminated caves at your

own speed, making it a serene activity. This activity will give you a

different feeling of independence, however the trained professionals will

be there to guide you throughout the yacht charter.

 Fly board

This one is for the daredevils – the ultimate daunting activity which is

filled with the thrill that you’ve always wanted to experience. Even a jet

ski doesn’t win the best when it comes to the fast-paced watersports. Fly

boarding always takes the lead.

It is packed with water jet power boots and is rocketed up to 12 meters up

in the air for uninterrupted energy kick at the sea. Therefore, when your

sundecks start to tire on a yacht charter, you can resort to this high

powered kick (only if you are experienced at it).

There’s plenty of other water toys that you can carry including a wake board

and a trampoline along with giving wind surfing a try. To make your yachting

adventure more exciting, you might want to think about arranging these water

toys on-board. Happy surfing!

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