Corporate Yacht Events in Dubai

Corporate Yacht Events in Dubai

Are you looking to plan a Yacht event to wow your guests, one that will be an amazing memory for years to come, let us show you how Elite Rental makes these plans amazing and will help in any way, and will arrange all things for your guests whether they are five or three hundred. Whether it's a follow, a photography, or any kind of requirement for your guests, whether it's big or small, Elite Rental will fulfill all your requirements. And when it comes to food and drink, we will select the best caterer’s and saifs from five star hotels in Dubai for your guests so that your guests can enjoy themselves more and more. At the same time, the project should be more amazing and memorable.

Today there are many affluent parties to rent a yacht in Dubai and make your party spectacular, and if you want your party to be spectacular, then you need our services for a private yacht party in Dubai. should be taken advantage of and have a wonderful time on the yacht and surely when you choose our service for your party, this service will make your party much more spectacular and successful and your guests' efforts And will appreciate your party,

Why Choose Elite Rental Dubai for Your Corporate Yacht Event?

  1. A fleet of beauties

Elite Rental Dubai has a large fleet of luxury yachts Dubai with a variety of small group or large group cruises ranging from intimate vessels to themes for every occasion. All the comforts and conveniences aboard a luxury yacht are here to ensure a comfortable stay, along with a photographer to make it a memorable experience.

  1. Professional staff

The experience of the staff is very important to ensure the service satisfaction of any yacht as the experience of the staff makes everything in the yacht better. Staff at Elite Rental Dubai provides a professional experience to ensure the satisfaction of Elite’s customers. Which ensures everything from the beginning of your journey to the end of your journey.

  1. Customized travel programs

Set up your event to ensure your event and Elite rental to set up your alternative pre-selects everything that will be on your trip from start to finish to make your trip smooth and easy and be happy, 

  1. Better catering

Elevate the dining experience for your guests with better Catering to give your guests a unique and memorable event. Elite Rental Dubai has teamed up with Dubai's leading and best catering partners to offer a variety of box options and items to your guests.

Let me tell you which of our Yacht can help make your party a great one

One of the Yacht charters dubai we have to make the party spectacular is the Elite Diamond Milano A62 yacht, which has a special feature with a maximum capacity of 25 people. It can be arranged in the Yacht and also if we talk about its pricing then its pricing is 1 thousand 600 AED for one hour and if we talk about full day price then full day price is 10 thousand 500 AED.

In addition, if your guests are 30 people, you can take the elite day amount Venice 80 Yacht. The special thing is that it can be arranged for a party in the middle of the sea for 30 people around the time. The price of one hour is 2 thousand 500 AED and the price of the whole day is 17 thousand 500 AED.

Or let's assume that your get-up guests number is 40 people, then you can take the Elite Diamond Sydney 95 Yacht or the Elite Predator Havana 95 Yacht. It can take them and make them enjoy the party. They cost 3 thousand  AED for an hour and 21 thousand  AED for a day.

Or let's assume that your get-up guests number is 50 people, then you can take the Elite Benetti Triple Deck 125 Yacht. It can take them and make them enjoy the party. They cost 8 thousand  AED for an hour and 56 thousand  AED for a day.

And assuming your number of guests is more than 100 then we have Elite Prestige 160 Yacht for that you can take it for your guests where more than 100 of your guests can easily enjoy your party. They cost 8 thousand  AED for an hour and 56 thousand  AED for a day.

Let's talk about our team and what we will do to make our team-up party great

Our team has done a lot of work to make your party that much more spectacular, one of which is the job of our five-star hotel chef who will prepare lavish meals for your guests. Our waters will do a good job of Serving and also our cleaners will do a good job of keeping the yacht clean so that you guys don't feel any discomfort when you party. Otherwise, everything for luxury will be kept in yacht, which will be done by our team, 


If we talk about Elite Rental Dubai then it is one of the few companies in Dubai which is famous for providing Yacht rent in Dubai which has high quality Yacht all types of premium Yacht. which it gives to its customer on rent if talking about contact with Elite Rental Dubai then you can contact through this website -, also you can contact through this whatsapp number - +971 50 42 58131,  Apart from this they have their own company email - [email protected], which is useful in any emergency as you are not comfortable to contact in website and WhatsApp then you can contact them directly from their email. And believe me, when you contact ELITE RENTAL through WhatsApp or a website, Elite Team will respond to you as soon as possible and try to meet your requirement just after contacting you. You have to be a little patient. As soon as our team receives your message, our team will surely reply to your message and try hard to fulfill your requirement.

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