Breath-taking Views To Cool Breezes - Night Time Yachting in Dubai

Breath-taking Views To Cool Breezes - Night Time Yachting in Dubai

The city that never sleeps, an adage that is associated with UAE’s most

glamorous city, Dubai. Complying with this adage, Dubai has a stunning night

life which the Arabs, tourists and residents seem to admire. A city that exudes

agility, jubilance and zeal, it is tough not to notice the beauty of the nightlife of


The City That Never Sleeps – An Overview

Given the vibrant aura of the nightlife in Dubai, most people resort to activities

such as fine dining, casual strolling, hitting the malls, or yachting. The

scorching heat during the day in Dubai, tends to cool off at night and that

radiates calmness and serenity within the region. This is the time when the

residents and tourists prefer doing activities to make the most of the cool

breezes originating from the coastal belt.

Hues To Die For

Interestingly, the most magical part about Dubai’s nightlife is evident when

you’re yachting at that time. Considering the magnificent skyscrapers, pristine

sandy beaches, stunning architecture of buildings, well-lit up yachts and much

more, it just adds more to the beauty of Dubai when you’re floating on the still


Not just that, but as you float on the clear waters of Dubai, you’re inviting a

tranquilizing time away from the every day hustle and bustle. As you lay on the

upper deck of the yacht with a drink in your hands and on the most comfortable

couches, it starts happening – the most magnificent and serene views start

catching your sights.

The spectacular hues reflecting on the still waters coming from the high rises,

adventure places, Burj Al Arab, dancing fountain and many other famous

landmarks of Dubai, start catching your attention, leaving you in awe. The

experience itself is out of the world as you cruise through the perfectly dark

blue waves, under the clear sky with stunning views surrounding you.

What It’s Like Yachting During Night Time In Dubai

Words won’t do justice to describe the night time beauty of Dubai, especially

when you’re out, cruising in the sea waters. The experience makes you feel as if

you were in a movie, almost like a fantasy. Thanks to the new innovations every

year within the yachting business of Dubai, we get exposed to the different

kinds of well-decorated and well-lit up yachts which in turn, enhances the

beauty of the sea as well.

As you step inside a yacht for a dinner or party at night in Dubai, the captain

will take you to the most stunning spots of Dubai where you can enjoy the

solitude as well as the views that you’ve always wanted to see. You get to lay

your sights on the magnificent Burj Al Arab, gleaming Atlantis the Palm as well

as the mesmerising view of the Dubai fountain. The hours long experience will

be quite exhilarating for you.

Besides the views and the aura, most yacht rental agencies in Dubai have buffet

along with live music to make the experience memorable. With stunning

interiors of the yachts with great amenities available such as food and drinks

including fine dining restaurants and air conditioning, you just won’t have

enough of it. Apart from the bustling atmosphere, you also get to see Arabic

dance shows along with scrumptious cuisines as you enjoy the breath taking

views and the cool breezes.

What’s Included in Night Time Yachting?

 Access to food and beverages

 Fully air conditioned lower decks and open upper decks with comfortable

seating arrangement

 Soft music

 Live entertainment shows

 Passing by stunning spots of Dubai

 Beautifully illuminated yacht

 Exceptionally friendly and hospitable crew staff and professional captain

All in all, the night life in Dubai is not to be missed, therefore grab your tickets

and make your bookings to witness the magical views and de-stress for a few

hours. This extravaganza would be worth each penny. You could even split the

cost of it and go with your friends or family.

Take your Dubai tour to the next level by exploring the majestic grandeur and

stunning architecture of Dubai’s high rises, the night time vibe and the luxury of

yachting – it would be truly an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience, so

don’t miss out.

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